Angry Prophet Barbie

I heard once, “The more stickers a person has on their car, the angrier they are.” I’m here to tell ya, it ain’t so. I have a friend who has a bunch of stickers on her car. But she is.not generally an angry person. Let’s call her Cheryl. (This happens to be the name I gave my Barbies. Keep reading and Barbies will come up again.)

Cheryl is a nurse, and she can do all the right nurse stuff. She can pull a splinter out of your hand and check your blood sugar, and she has saved at least one child in a choking emergency.

Now I have seen Cheryl get riled up. But it’s righteous anger, like Jesus’. When Cheryl is angry I watch for flying Barbies. She and I go back to a childhood friendship.She threw a Barbie at me in 1976 because I said something obnoxious.

As for Jesus, word on the street has it he was furious at some dudes who had a bazaar going in the temple. They were selling Jerusalem souvenirs and overcharging everyone, and they were running this racket in the courts where the Gentiles were supposed to be allowed to pray. Jesus was hacked off. He yelled, “My house will be a house of prayer!”  Then he threw a Barbie at the buyers and the sellers. Mattel needs to make “Angry Prophet in the Temple” Barbie.

Yes, there were female prophets in the temple (e.g., Anna – you get a gold star if you know her connection to Jesus).

Bottom line, keep a Barbie around to throw in case of righteous anger. And sticker-up your car. Especially if you can find a sticker with a picture of angry Jesus on it. Extra points if he has a Barbie in his hand.

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