About Wendy

Grew up

Columbia, SC


Erskine in Due West, SC. B.A. in Christian Education, but don’t hold it against me.

Masters of Divinity which is a masters in being God. I made Ds in Omniscience 101 and Omnipresence 101. The course in Loving People was pass/fail. I passed by the grace of God.

If you really want to know, a Masters of Divinity is the degree most preachers get. I’m not a preacher, but I learned a lot from the theology, Bible, and practical courses. Of course, all of the Bible is practical, especially when it says things like, “Don’t hurt people,” and “Don’t be an idiot,” and “Jesus was a hippie before hippies were cool except he didn’t do LSD,” and “Jesus Loves Jimi Hendrix.”

Work history

Social Security office for one year. They were about to demote me when I quit. I was that bad at the job.

Youth ministry at two churches.


Assistant editor for an adult curriculum published by a Presbyterian denomination. Adult curriculum does not mean it’s X rated except when I have to write about the sex and violence that’s in the Bible.  

Least favorite memories

  1. Giving birth to my son which involved 16 hours of labor, a C-section, and a dramatic birth including CPR for my son. I don’t recommend this method of childbirth. I do recommend epidurals.
  2. Adopting my daughter which involved six months of paperwork, dealing with two governments, and a 16-hour flight to China. 

Favorite memories

Getting to know my son and daughter after (1) he began to sleep through the night and (2) I got back on Western hemisphere time after our trip to China.

Favorite Person

My husband, Chip